1x Honda civic type r

1x Honda cbr 650r bike

Only £50 per ticket.

Lottery ends: 24th January 2022 12:00 am
Timezone: Europe/London

This lottery has a minimum of 1 tickets

This lottery is limited to 1000 tickets

Tickets sold: 0

0 1000

This lottery will have 1 winner

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These are the best odds around in any competition….1/1000.

Only 1000 tickets are sold, more tickets you buy, better the odds.

Once all 1000 tickets are sold than the draw will begin.

Winner will receive the latest honda civic typr r and honda cbr motorbike on the market, brand new. items will be scheduled for delivery after competition is won.

winner will be contacted as soon as competition is drawn

Brand new honda civic type r + Brand new honda cbr motorbike

Lottery History

Date User
24th January 2021 1:00 pmLottery started


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